aynah. 19. sometimes I make films and draw. i like green tea.

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" Jaime is your eldest son, heir to your lands and titles. But he is a Kingsguard, forbidden from marriage or inheritance. The day Jaime put on the white cloak, he gave up his claim to Casterly Rock. "


New York City

Vivienne Gucwa

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Spike Jonze Week
Her, 2013
Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema

Artist  UnknownNada Surf    Title  UnknownInside Of Love    Album  UnknownLet Go



"Mothers daughters". Photographed by Katy Grannan for V magazine #61 Fall 2009


meanwhile monica and chandler got a divorce and chandler ends up with rachel. ross died. joey kills paul rudd to be with phoebe.


Daniel Danger's beautiful print, inspired by a great tragedy in his life. If you like this piece, I would highly recommend reading the story behind it which is incredibly sad and beautiful at the same time. If you REALLY like this piece, you can pick it up in his shop